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Hants County SPCA
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Welcome to our nonprofit site!

Welcome to the Hants County SPCA website.

In 1992 a small group of interested people under the guidance of Provincal S.P.C.A incorporated Hants County SPCA.
Sence then we have taken in on average from 80 to 95 puppies and dogs, and an average of 120 to 150 cats and kittens per year. All of these animals have been vet checked and given medical treatment, and shelter within a very small group of foster homes.

Hants County SPCA

Sence the begining  Hants County SPCA has been working on building a shelter in Hants Co.
Even a modest facility would increase our capacity and accessibility and ease the burden on our foster homes and the people of our communities of East and West Hants, Town of Windsor and Hantsport.
Currently 80% of our funds are used for fostering/ boarding, also to spay or neuter dogs and cats before going out to adoptive homes, strays who have taken up residence with members of our communities.
Other costs consist of food, litter, insurance, phone.
Please note that no member of this SPCA receives a salary or stipend of any kind related to their work with SPCA. We are all volunteers.


It  is not our policy to euthanize healthy affectionate animals in our care in order to make room for new arrivals.

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